Sony Set To Expand PlayStation VR’s Library to 280 Titles By End of 2018

Sony Set To Expand PlayStation VR’s Library to 280 Titles By End of 2018

The VR scene is likely to continue to grow as Sony secures 80% more titles for PlayStation VR for 2018.

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently told Nikkei that it expects to expand its current PlayStation VR library significantly in 2018. According to them, an 80 percent increase from 150 titles to 280 happen over the course of a year.

This news comes from the recent milestone of 2 million VR units being sold. This likely comes from Sony’s huge push to get VR into PlayStation owner’s hands. They’ve even gone as far as offering in-home trial kits for select PlayStation Plus members. The biggest hurdle all VR headsets have encountered is that even if gamers can afford the admittedly costly equipment, there isn’t a huge library of games they’d be curious to buy.

This issue may soon be relieved as the 2 million mark makes it easier for game companies to participate in the development of PS VR titles, making the return seem more worth the risk. In October, the price of the PlayStation VR unit dropped, which actually triggered companies like Capcom and Bandai Namco to publish titles for the device.

The PlayStation VR now features a planetarium and the ability to watch movies in 360-degree space, which adds to the fact that the library of games will almost double in the coming year.

Is this enough to sway you to dive into virtual reality?