My Hero Academia: One’s Justice Confirmed For PS4 And Nintendo Switch

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Bandai Namco has officially announced My Hero Academia: One’s Justice for the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4 after hints found earlier this week. Though the revelation is finally here, we don’t know too much about the upcoming title other than a few key points. Here’s what we know so far from their Shonen Jump reveal.

My Hero Academia is an incredibly loved anime series, and One’s Justice aims to follow those blessed with powers known as Quirks. For one human that never received his Quirk, Izuku Midoriya is on a quest to become a hero. He gets what he wishes for after facing off against the villainous foe and obtains the power “One For All,” where is he is finally admitted into the school for heroes known as U.A. High School.

The game itself will focus on these characters in a fighting style with different stages for players to take on. Gameplay has yet to be revealed for the upcoming title, but it is expected to make its formal video debut at the Japanese event Jump Festa next month.

With no release date yet announced, or even if the title will be coming to the west, there’s a lot to be desired for fans of the popular anime and manga series. Though taking into account that this is Bandai Namco, it wouldn’t be unrealistic to assume that a western release is in the cards. Namco is pretty evenly distributed when it comes to bringing their games across the pond.


Pentagon Recommends Nation Play Through All ‘Fallout’ Video Games In Preparation For Imminent Nuclear Apocalypse

Pentagon Recommends Nation Play Through All ‘Fallout’ Video Games In Preparation For Imminent Nuclear Apocalypse

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Hot on the heels of yet another ballistic missile launch in North Korea, the Department of Defense recommended Tuesday that all citizens begin playing through a binge gaming marathon of the Fallout series of video games in order to prepare for life in the nuclear wastelands.

Speaking on an emergency public broadcast video, Secretary of Defense James Mattis stated that all Americans should consider picking up all of the core Fallout games, should they wish to have the experience and skills necessary to survive the coming nuclear winter.

“These games teach essential survival techniques, like how to fight off any mutants, scavengers, or nuclear cults that might attack you and your family after you exit your secure fallout-proof vault,” Mattis said. “Important skills like hoarding bottlecaps to trade for custom gatling lasers or raider power armor are also covered by most of the games in the franchise.”

“We urge all Americans to marathon the Fallout games immediately.”

Mattis further stated his preference for Fallout: New Vegas, despite numerous bugs and glitches, due to its realism and enjoyable storyline, while adding that he did enjoy the first two or three games in the series in spite of their age as well.

Fallout 4 works in a pinch, but really it pales in comparison to the classics,” he said.

At publishing time, the Pentagon had further recommended a playthrough of classic JRPG Chrono Trigger, in case an ancient alien parasite arises from its slumber to feed off the world’s energy.

Deals: Grab A Cyber Monday Bargain With This Nintendo Switch Bundle From Amazon UK

Nintendo Switch with Mario + Rabbids for £279.99

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For under £60 you can get four of 2017’s best games on Xbox One this Cyber Monday

Somehow it’s already the end of 2017. We have no idea how it happened, but it seems like forever ago that all of these games got released. Luckily for us, thanks to the months that have flown by since their release and the fact that there are tons of flying around, those games from early 2017 have all been slashed in price. 

Now you can pick up four of 2017’s best games for under £60, and there’s something for everyone here. A bit of horror, some FPS RPGs, an MMORPG, and a story-heavy singleplayer extravaganza. Have a gander at the titles below to pick up a cross-section of 2017’s best games!

Explore the ruined TALOS-1 in this FPS RPG, and find out exactly how the mysterious Typhon aliens destroyed the miraculous space-station – and where you fit into it all. With devious variations of the camouflaging mimic, you can choose to embrace these alien powers – or try to retain as much of your humanity as you can…

Revisit the smoky, intriguing land of Morrowind in ESO’s latest expansion. With enough sidequests to keep you busy for months, ESO is pretty much your fix until Elder Scrolls 6 gets announced – and for you MMORPG fans there’s no better game to dedicate your time to.  

Try out the game that reinvented Resident Evil and find out why it’s the most haunting horror game of 2017. Turns out being stuck in a dilapidated house with a grotesque family makes for an incredibly unsettling experience. Who knew?

Have a go at killing a god in Dishonored’s latest instalment. Putting you in the shoes of Billie Lurk, it’s another beautifully sinister exploration of the murky world of assassination and power politics, and is a stabby delight.