Here’s How The Nintendo Switch Version Of Skyrim Compares To PlayStation 4

The team at Digital Foundry recently posted a comparison clip, which you can see above. In it, you can see how well the Nintendo Switch version compares to the previously released PlayStation 4 edition. While that may not seem like a fair comparison considering the PS4’s horsepower, the games are actually a little bit closer than you might think.

The team made note that the changes to the color palette are quite noticeable, with shades of blue that make it easier to see certain things. There’s also a difference with how the game runs on Switch, moving along at 1600 x 900 while docked. In portable mode, it runs around 720p, just like Doom does. There are times that the resolution in mobile can drop a little bit, mainly due to the team keeping up performance of Skyrim in the midst of bigger battles, but the speed of the game remains about the same.

As far as the major differences between mobile and docked mode, Digital Foundry notes it mainly affects distant objects at best. Otherwise, the game looks pretty damn good, with a fairly smooth frame rate and only a few loss of details. Through six hours of gameplay, the team has noticed that the game doesn’t run any lower than 30 frames per second, even during more frantic moments.

The drop in detail isn’t exactly a shocking detail with Switch games. Rocket League, which came out last week, has a slight dip in visual quality so that it continues running at 60 frames per second – and fans haven’t complained in the least, preferring a smooth frame rate docked and in handheld mode. Doom is about the same way, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Skyrim is, too.

We’re fine with that – as long as we can play these great games on the go!

Check out the video above, and experience Skyrim for yourself now on Nintendo Switch! It’s also available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.